Glass Distillation Units, Glass Distillation Columns Manufacturer, Exporter

Glass Pilot Plants, Glass Reactors, Laboratory Glass Reactors Manufacturer, Exporter

Borosilicate Glass Reactors & Equipments

Manufactures & Exporters of Borosilicate Glass Equipment like Reactors, Glass Flasks upto 300 L Glass Heat Exchangers, Distillation Column, Receivers, Rotary Evaporators etc.

Glass Distalliton Unit

We manufacture all Glass Equipment for Distillation Units, Glass Columns, Heat Exchangers. Glass Jacketed Reactors & multipurpose dist. assemblies.

Glass Jacketed Reactors

We manufacture Glass Single & Double
Jacketed Glass Reactors from 500 ML to 20L capacity for operating temp. upto20 °C

Glass Vessels

We manufacture Glass RB Flasks for
Multipurpose applications from 100 ML to 300 L capacities for operating temp. upto250°C 

Glass Heat Exchangers

We manufacture Glass Heat Exchangers in Coil Type Design and Shell & Tube Type
Designs for Cooling Area upto26 sq. meters.

Glass Distillation Columns

We manufacture Glass Columns from 15 NB to 600NB dia in sections of 1.5 mtrs. with various types of packaging Distillation Processes.

Rotary Evaporator

We manufacture advanced models of
Rotary Film Evaporators from 1 L to 100 L
capacity with complete automatic models
similar to BUCH etc.