Company Profile

KTL Group of Companies was started 1969 by Dr. S. R. Lele, a World Renewed Glass Technologies and Founder of M/s Borosil Glass Works, Since 3 Decades, KTL Group is managed by Highly Educated and Experienced Professionals who have been successful in Managing the business with NO COMPROMISE ON QUALITY Motto and serving the Chemical & Pharma Industry with Excellent Quality Products, timely delivery commitments & prompt after sales service

A State of Art Corporate Office in Heart of Mumbai City

High Tech Fully Equipped State of Art R&D Centre and Pilot Plant for Product Development & Process Knowhow

Advanced Manufacturing Facility Spread overy 30000 sq. ft at Two Location in Wagle Estate Thane West

Complete Manufacturing Facility Spread over 25000 sq. ft. in GIDC, Dist. Baroda, Gujarat

Our Prestigious Clients