Vacuum Controller Manufacturers and Suppliers

We Offer for Digital Display "Vacuum Controling System" along with the Vacuum Pump (optional & Vacuum Trap (Optional) for fine controlling of Vacuum in the system. These Systems are ideally used in Glass Reactor systems, Glass Distillation Units, Rotary Evaporator etc for actuarate attainment of Vacuum in the system.

• The normal mechanical seal gets exhausted after 300 to 900 hrs of working depending up on the application and limitations, thus requires a replace, while the magnetic drive coupling can be used for a much longer period without any maintenance.
• Very useful for long nonstop running.
• Zero leakage implies zero maintenance and breakdwons
• Safe while using of expansive fluids.
• No wastage of expansive fluids.
• No friction losses between rotors
• Minimum vibrations hence smooth running of unit.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: This instrument is connected in between the Vacuum Pump and Glass Reactor unit which is to be under vacuum. (Vis. Vacuum Trap) One can set the value for vacuum required & and the cutoff Point.

(E.g: Vacuum is set at a Value of 750mm Hg, and the CUTOFF point say at 740mmHg - The instrument will show the display of the actual Vacuum attained in the system and when it reaches 750mm Hg the transmitter will give signal to the relay to CUTOFF the power supply to the Vacuum Pump. - so the Vacuum Pumps is shut off till the vacuum in the system is maintained at the set value. Then as soon as the vacuum drops to 740mm Hg the transmitter again signal to the reply to start the pump)

Digital Display of the actual Vacuum attained in the system with an accuracy of 1mm Hg.
Vacuum Pump remains ideal till the vacuum in the system drops to set the Value. "Power Consumption is reached.
Stress on Vaccuum pump is reached.