Photochemical Reactors

Photo Bio Reactor

Immersion Lamp Photochemical Medium pressure, quartz, mercury vapour lamp. For use in all listed immersion wells. 61cm PTFE covered lead wires fitted with pin type connectors and 6' cord for connecting to power supply, permit lowering lamp in well for vertical operation. Of total energy radiated, approximately 40-48% is in ultraviolet portion of spectrum, 40-43% is in visible, the balance in the infrared. Can be inserted into minimum of 25mm I.D. glass opening well/sleeve.

Reactive Type Transformers

Reactive Type Transformers, for Photochemical Lamps, that supply the extra voltage and current required to initiate teh arc and the reduced power for operation.

Photochemical Safety Reaction Cabinet

Steel Cabinet that allows safe operation of Photochemical Reaction Equipment.

Eliminates need to tie up hood or construct special safe area to hazardous UV lamps.

Cabinets has welded seams, fully hinged door with lip to prevent light from escaping.

Door has key lock for positive closure and controls a safety switch that prevent lamp operation unless door is closed. Floor of cabinet is sealed to 1" height to contain any possible spills. Inside cabinet is a plug-in light, auxiliary 120V socket and 60CFM exhaust fan all controlled by ON/OFF switch; pin jack socket for lamp connection and removable 1/2" aluminium rod, mounted vertically for clamping equipment. Supplied with grounded power cord with connection to 120V source, two-wire cord with male pin jacks for connection to lamp power supply, handles mounted either side for carrying and rubber feet on bottom.