Human Milk Pasteurizer

A boon to Comprehensive Lactation Management Center

The best alternative to breast milk is pasteurized human milk as recommended by WHO. We have highest percentage of babies either having Premature birth or very low weight at the time of birth (VLBW). The donor human milk is the lifesaving alternative to such vulnerable babies. Donor Human Milk (DHM) needs to be pasteurized to maintain the nutrients and immunological elements and at the same time remove harmful microorganisms. We have developed a Human Milk Pasteurization System (HMPS) under guidance of PATH an international non-profit organization. The HMPS is manufactured under Make in India tag providing a cheaper, reliable import substitute which requires less resources like water and energy. Being an indigenous system, we can provide optimum post-sales service support. The automated pasteurizer confirms to specification laid down by National Guidelines on Comprehensive Lactation Management Centers which emphasize high standards of safety and quality of DHM. Overall, our HMPS will be cost effective, process optimized and designed to suit our climatic conditions. A boon for mankind

Salient Features :
• The water bath design to maintain uniform temperature
• Continuous shaking to maintain uniform heating and cooling
• Heating & Cooling Circulators and Temperature sensors to ensure optimum process conditions
• PLC controlled automatic system
• Tailor-made under Make in India tag with finest workmanship
• Auto control of Heating and Cooling Cycles
• Large Drum Size to accommodate up-to 4 litres of Human Milk
• Traceability through continuous data logging
• Data recording and archiving. Data transfer through Pen Drive
• Temperature graph of entire cycle

Human Milk Pasteurization system is compliant to and adheres to FSSAI standards