High Pressure Stirred Autoclaves

We manufacture a wide range of Bench Top Jacketed Autoclaves from 2L to 25L with M.O.C. consisting of SS 316, Hastelloy & Glass with pressure ranging from 5 bar to 100 bar (Depending on M.O.C.)

Autoclavable Reactors are an economical & userfriendly device for conducting experiments in Biochemical, Engineering, Biotechnology, Food & Fermentation Technology, R & D Departments and Pilot Plants.

This multipurpose pressure reactor system is designed for the use of interchangeable pressure vessels safety features guarantee safe reactions under pressure.

The glass, stainless steel or Hastelloy reactors ensures high resistance against acids. Visual process control and monitoring is also possible under pressure by using Glass Reactor Vessels. Various low to high torque magnetic drives ensure efficient mixing and stirring low to high viscosity process media as well as excellent heat transfer.

They find application in Hydrogenation reactor, Polymerization reactor, Synthesis reactor, Biomass research, Catalyst test, Upstream research, Crystalllization, Chemical research, research laboratories & for the purpose of process development & scale up.


• Complete digital display of parameters
• Available in Glass / SS / Hastelloy / Monel / and Vise-versa reactor interchangeability
• Magnetic drive coupling for Zero Leakage & maintenance free sealing at high pressure
• Minimum to Zero holdup reactor vessels
• Gas induced stirreres as optional arrangement
• Triclover clamp joint for quick release and ease of operation
• Pressure range from 6 bar to 100 bar depending on Glass or Metal Autoclave

• M.O.C.: SS316 / 316L / Hastelloy C-276 / Nickel / Titanium
• Size: 500mL / 2L / 5L / 10L / 20L
• Maximum Working Pressure : 200 kg /cm? (2900 Psi)
• Maximum Temperature: 300?C
• Zero Leakage and maintenance free Magnetic Drive Coupling
• Easy & Firm Locking System
• Digital display & controller for temperature, pressure, RPM
• Flame Proof System suitable for Highly Corrosive Environment
• Interchangeable Reactors from Glass to SS & Visa versa
• Trolley Mounted Rigid SS Structure Frame for ease of shifting
• All Threaded joints for ease of removal for maintenance and interchangeability of Nozzles as per requirement
• Jacketed Heater Arrangement

Complete Body and all wetted parts are of SS 316 with Teflon / Silicon wherever applicable.

500mL to 10 liter of working volume (with all parts fitted in place)

All wetted parts of SS 304 with Halar Coating / SS316L / Hastelloy Titanium / Nickel

Special Split Clamp - Slide Quick Opening Bolts with Tongue & Grooves for self locking and excellent sealing facilities.

Removable Head with threaded & Interchangeable Nozzles

Top Mounted, compact with Quick Isolation System consisting of FLP / Non FLP AC / DC Motor with Magnetic Drive Coupling

External Snug fit Electric Coil Heating facilities with Digital Temperature Controller


• Ease to move type Trolley mounting
• Bench / Floor stand mounting


Maximum Working Pressure of 100 Bar of operating pressure (Design pressure of 210 Bar)


• Maximum of 300 ° C
• Maximum of -25 ° C

• Liquid charging, sampling & Manual Gas Release through Needle Valves with Dip tube up to the bottom of Reactor
• Manual Spring Operated Pressure relief Valves
• SS Rapture disk (As a Safety Purpose)
• Sampling / Vent / Gas Sparging Needle Valves
• SS with Teflon Diaphragm Pressure Gauge
• SS Ball Valve with funnel arrangement for Solid OR External Additions
• SS Coil system with Sweglok connections for Internal cooling
• SS Gas Sparger (with tip bend towards the Stirrer Blades)
• Electronically operated Pressure transmitter (Optional with Electronic Solenoid Valve)
• Thermowell (with RTD-PT-100 type) Temperature Sensor
• Stirrers Blades of Anchor & Turbine type
• All Nut & Bolts and connectors of SS 304

• The normal mechanical seal gets exhausted after 300 to 900 hrs of working depending up on the application and limitations, thus requires a replace, while the magnetic drive coupling can be used for a much longer period without any maintenance.
• Very useful for long nonstop running.
• Zero leakage implies zero maintenance and breakdwons
• Safe while using of expansive fluids.
• No wastage of expansive fluids.
• No friction losses between rotors
• Minimum vibrations hence smooth running of unit.

High Pressure Autoclave 2L
High Pressure Autoclave 10L
High Pressure Autoclave 20L

High Pressure Autoclave 500ML
High Pressure Autoclave Bomb
High Pressure Glass Autoclave

High Pressure Autoclave 500ML
High Pressure Autoclave with SCADA
High Pressure Autoclave Mini Clave