Hastelloy Pilot Plant Manufacturers and Suppliers

We Design, Fabricate and Supply Hastelloy Reactors And Pilot Plants Form 1 L To 300 L Capacities We also Fabricate Reactors In Titanium, Inconel, Nickel & SS Grades

We Design, Fabricate Supply And Install Complete Lab To Pilot Plant Scale Reactors, Column, Heat Exchangers etc In Hastelloy C 276/C22/Monel/Inconel/Titanium/Nickel And Various Grades Of SS As Per Clients Requirements

We Have Fabricate and Installed Several Reactors and Pilot Plant to Various Clients All Over India And Also Exported To Various Overseas Clients

Our Reactors and Systems Are Designed For Pressure Ranges From 5 Bar G To 100 Bar G As Per Clients Requirements And Temperature Up To 500 Deg

Each Hastelloy Raw Material Part Is Tested In NABL Approved Lab before Fabrication and Test Certificates Are Provided With Each Supply

• Continuous Liquid Liquid Extractors LLE-RDC
• High Pressure Stirred Lab Autoclaves
• Chemical Vapour Deposition CVD Reactors
• Refrigerated Heating Circulators
• Flow Reactors & Micro Reactors
• Rotary Evaporators ( 1 L to 100 L )
• Peristaltic Pumps in STD & Flame Proof Designs
• Photochemical Reactors & UV lamps
• Magnetic Drive Couplings
• Glass Jacketed Reactor
• Skid Mounted Pilot Plants
• Synthetic Heat Transfer Fluids
• Glass Assemblies on GLR / SS Reactors
• Flixed & Fluidized Bed Reactors