Fixed Bed Reactors

We at Trident Labortek have developed our own design of the Fixed Bed Tubular Reactors.

AIn chemical process industries Fixed bed reactors are used .in which upward flow of gas supports the solid bed of reactor, which helps in loading and removal of catalyst easily, Which gives better heat transfer rate provided with good mixing of chemicals.
Fixed bed reactors incorporated where diffusion and heat transfer are major areas of concern.

Advantages :-

• Better temperature control
• No hot spot in the bed.
• Uniform distribution of catalyst.
• Longer life of the catalyst.
• Good mixing of solid and suspended fluids.
• Catalytic cracking of hydrocarbon

Design and Construction :-

• A gas handling and mixing sub-system used to blend and regulate the flow of reactant gas from the top of the reactor is incorporated as a feed system
• The reactor is roughly a one meter long Heavy High Pressure Rated Tube. The lower portion of the reactor incorporates an easily replaced porous metal
gas diffusion plate and the top of the reactor widens abruptly to form a disengaging zone for the Packed bed. Separate heater is provided for the main reactor
• A multipoint thermocouple is provided for monitoring the internal reactor temperature distribution
• A cyclone separator or Gas Liquid Separator  is provided immediately downstream of the reactor to capture the fines resulting from particle attrition.
• The system pressure is maintained by a dome loaded Manual back pressure regulator to maintain the required pressure in the system
• Optional Mass Flow Controllers and High Pressure HPLC Type Pump can also be provided on Request for Various Gases & Liquids