Chemical Vapour Deposition Reactor System

CVD Reactor - The Concept
Chemical Vapour Deposition is a Chemical Process used to Produce High Purity, High Performance Solid Materials By Transport of Chemical Reactants by Adsorbtion, decomposition and Forced Diffusion from Reactants

CVD Reactor - The Design
A Typical CVD Reactor System Consists of a Quartz Glass Horizontal Placed Tubular Reactor inside a High Temperature Electrically Heated Furnace. The Heating Furnace is split in 3 Heating Zones across its Length to give Uniform Heating for The Quartz Tube upto 1200 Deg C
The Reactant is palced inside the Quartx Tube and Three Different Gases are passed over it as High Temperatures.The individual Gas Flow rates are controlled by Valves or Mass flow controllers for high precision monitoring and Precise Calculation of Reaction Parameters.
During the Process Volatile By Products are also Produced which are removed by the Gas Flow Through the Reactor during the Reaction

  • Development of High Temp Coatings for Corrosion Resistance

  • Optical Fibres Production

  • Development of Novel Powders

  • Development of Catalysts etc