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Rotary Disc Contactor The Concept
A Rotating Disc Contactor (RDC) is a type of process column used in the chemical industry for Liquid Liquid Extraction, remove impurities from liquids. It Used Widely in the Pilot Plant Studies of Critical Extractions of Liquid Phase.

Rotary Disc Contactor The Design
The apparatus consists of a vertical cylindrical vessel, divided lengthwise into a number of equally spaced compartments by a series of stator rings. A rotor disc supported by a shaft is centered in each compartment. An RDC can remove impurities from water and other fluids using a liquid solvent (in a process called solvent extraction). The separation process is based on the counter-current principle: the liquid with the higher density enters the vessel at the top, and the liquid with the lower density enters at the bottom. Due to the difference in relative density, the two liquids pass each other as they move through the compartments. The process of mixing and separating the two liquids is reinforced by the rotation of the rotor discs. Varying the column diameter, column length, compartment height, flow speed and rotational speed allows for adjustment of the droplet size in the dispersed phase. We Offer RDC in Various Capacities for Pilot Plant Studies from 8 LPH to 50LPH Capacities with Options of complete Automated system consisting of Feed tanks, Pumps, Instruments & Flow Meters as a Package

Rotating Disc Contactor
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