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TRI-FLO Continuous Flow Reactors

TRI-FLO Flow Reactors - The Concept
A Flow Reactor (or Micro Reactor) is a device in which chemical reactions take place in micro channels. The Micro Reactor is usually a continuous flow reactor ( contrast with / to a batch reactor). Micro Reactors offer many advantages over conventional scale reactors, including vast improvements in energy efficiency, re4action speed and yield, safety,reliability, scalability,
on-site / on-demand production and a much finer degree of process control.

TRI-FLO Flow Reactors - The Design
Continuous reactors are typically tube like and manufactured from non-reactive materials such as stainless steel, glass and polymers. Mixing methods include diffusion alone (if the diameter of the reactor is small e.g. <1mm, such as in microreactors) and static mixers. Continuous flow reactors allow good control over reaction conditions including heat transfer, time and mixing.
The residence time of the reagents in the reactor (i.e. the amount of time that the reaction is heated or cooled) is calculated from the volume of the reactor and the flow rate through it:
TRI-FLO Reactors are available in various Mixing & Residence Time Patterns & Designs as per our experience and feedback from Valued Clients.Customized designs can also be made as per Clients Designs.

Salient Features
Specification Design Data
Filled Volume (MI) 14ml / 60ml / 120ml / 240ml / 1 Litre
Flow Rate (LPH) 0.15-380
Design Temp. (0C) -60 to 280 0<C
Design Pressure (BarG) 120 Bar G
MOC SS 316 / SS 904L / Alloy 20 / Duplex2 2205 / Hastelloy C276 etc
End Connectors Triple Inlet Cyclone Mixer Inlet for 3 Fluids Max & Outlet 1 Nozzle
Acceesories Pressure Gauge, Rupture Disc, Pressure Release Valve, etc
Heating Cooling Operations Open design or Jacket is provided as per clients choice

TRI-FLO Flow Reactors - The Advantage

Comparing parameters in Batch vs Flow:
* Reaction stoichiometry. In batch production this is defined by the concentration of chemical reagents and their volumetric ratio. In flow this is defined by the concentration of reagents and the ratio of their flow rate.
Residence time. In batch production this is determined by how long a vessel is held at a given temperature. In flow the volumetric residence time is used given by the ratio of volume of the reactor and the overall flow rate, as most often, plug flow reactors are used.
Design patterns in Symmetrical & Cross Flow Styles